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Neyo Puttin It Down With His Girl! And She’s Working It

Posted by thejamkingshow on April 28, 2009

Neyo and girlfriend Tenille were in Prague, Czech Republic, putting it down on the dance floor. We must say that Pork Chop Grease knows how to pick them. She’s definitely working with a phatty. Good taste Neyo, good taste. Keep trying to fade them rumors huh?.

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Posted by thejamkingshow on April 25, 2009

This Kid got mad skillz Thankful his diaper cushions his falls. lol

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Posted by thejamkingshow on April 4, 2009


Simply beautiful, amazingly beautiful, will make a blood vessel burst!! easy

Tomika Skanes (born on August 21, 1978 in Columbus, GA), is an established professional Blasian Model/Actress of African American and Korean American heritage. Her mother is Korean and her father is African American. Her parents met while her father was stationed in Seoul, Korea. Tomika is the only girl and a middle child, she has two brothers, Jimmy Skanes (older) and Donald Skanes, JR (younger). After traveling to various military bases all over the world, her family finally settled in Atlanta, Georgia.

some of Her work:

Music videos

Ginuwine – “In Those Jeans” Music Video
India.Arie “Brown Skin” Music Video
50 Cent featuring Olivia – “Candy Shop” Music Video
8-ball & MJG – “Cadillac Pimpin” Music Video
Metallica – “Unnamed Feeling” Music Video
Ludacris – “Saturdays Oooh Oooh” Music Video
OutKast “Bombs Over Baghdad” Music Video
Mystikal “Shake It Fast” Music Video
Nelly – “Hott in Herre” – European Version of Music Video
Murphy Lee featuring Nelly & Jermaine Dupri – “What the Hook Gon Be”


Her Official Site

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Check Out Halle Berry dancing to “She’s Fine” on Ellen

Posted by thejamkingshow on April 1, 2009

Halle Berry still doing her thing at 42′ I dont know about you but we feel that 42′ is the new 32′ fasho!!


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Danceing With The Stars Or Danceing With A BONER!!!!!! WT@#

Posted by thejamkingshow on April 1, 2009

My conscience dictates that perhaps I should warn you that the below post might be NSFW. But for goodness sake, it’s from Dancing with the Stars, which is just about the most family-friendly television show on air! So, it can’t be that bad, right? At any rate, proceed at your own risk. You have been warned.

May be NSFW!

I would have completely missed this, ahem, interesting part of last night’s Dancing with the Stars performance show were it not for the eagle-eyed blogger over at The good folks over there pointed out that Mark Ballas was, um, inappropriately excited about dancing the lindy hop with his partner Shawn Johnson, who is, might I add, just 17 years old. Maybe it’s just an unfortunately camera angle, or his shorts bunching up in a weird place. Or, you know, it could be a full-on boner. Sure looks that way to me.

After all, Mark did used to date his former partner from a previous season, Sabrina Bryan, so maybe he has a problem with being attracted to the women he dances with. I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t mess with Shawn, though, because she can probably bench press him.

click on photo to enlarge

click on photo to enlarge

Here’s the evidence:

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Posted by thejamkingshow on March 26, 2009


I Must say Lady GaGa (real name Joanne Stefani Germanotta) performing at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois,the girl is really holding it down and she is about to have the best donk in the business!! beside

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Posted by thejamkingshow on March 24, 2009


We don’t know about you but Keri is rising on that poll of Best DONK’S check out some of her stills form her newest video Knock you Down. the girl is banging!!It was written Nathaniel Hills, Marcella Araica, Kevin “KC” Cossom, Shaffer Smith and Kanye West. Like most of the songs on the album Keri Hilson made final ammendments to the song before it was recorded. Danja is executively produced the single. She said that she had always wanted to work with Ne-Yo and Kanye West, and West’s vocals were a last minute addition to the single.The single also features guest vocals from Kanye West and Ne-Yo.The music video for “Knock You Down” was shot in Los Angeles with director Chris Robinson. It was released on March 23, on Ne-Yo’s youtube page.

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Posted by thejamkingshow on March 23, 2009

beyonce wide

For all you folks out there who are just sick and tired of the manufactured diva known as Beyonce Knowles dig this article that examines 15 reasons people tend to hate on ole girl:

1)”You remind me of a girl that I once knew.”
Usher wasn’t playing when he sang about his bout with Déjà Vu, but if Beyoncé reminds you of someone in your past, it may not exactly be a pleasant memory. Did any of you go to school with that girl who was balancing Student Council, Track and Field and in her spare time was the head of the Cheerleading Squad, while you were merely hoping to have a chance to at least make Student of the Week? Did I forget to mention that she was also dating the captain of the football team while you were still combing through the school directory hoping to will yourself a first date? Well, Beyoncé may unconsciously remind you of that girl that you hated who with the blink of an eye had and did everything you wanted too.

2) Your man wants her.
Referring to the story within the letter of course, but also enforcing the idea that this letter mirrors so many male opinions. She has landed on many a male magazine polls on who they feel is the sexiest women alive and if that doesn’t further this simple argument, then consider this: In 2007 she became the first and only singer to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

3) Even on her worst day she’s still so damn beautiful, or is she?
Has anybody ever seen Beyoncé without her year round costume on? Of course I’m speaking lightly on the gobs of make up and hair extensions we’re so accustomed to seeing her sporting at every venue and event she attends. Sure Barbie looks good when you first take her out of the box, but after you’ve played with her for a while she loses her luster, her hair goes flat, and she becomes a bit dingy. Without all that makeup and weave, would Beyoncé still carry her torch of defining perfected beauty, or would the flame slowly die at the pluck of each individual eyelash? Just a question.

4) As if she didn’t have enough money of her own, she had to run out and marry Jay-Z, who ’s got plenty more to add to their ever-growing bank account.
Some people can’t even pay the rent, let alone find a decent man in life who’s willing to contribute to life’s simple and monetary household needs. Beyoncé’s estimated net worth is sitting on a comfortable $350 million; when you factor in her boo’s acquired income, the two love birds are sitting easy on a billi. Can I get some bailout money from them?

5) People constantly revere her as the best, which makes her an easy front-runner for being the most annoying artist on your Top Ten list.
She’s been nominated for more awards than she’s actually ever won, but the fact that she is faithfully considered whether or not she even produces the fruit of worth is a clear testimony to the claim that I’m making here. NAACP recently granted her a trophy for Outstanding Female Artist, leaving artists like Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys to bask in the shadows of her continual glory. If it wasn’t for a shun by The Academy, then I’d say Beyoncé was thought to be the best at everything. Good for you Jennifer Hudson.

Naturally, we can think of some more vicious reasons not to check for Beyonce, but for the complete list peep Clutch Magazine for the remaining ten.


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Posted by thejamkingshow on March 19, 2009

Rihanna got it poppin’ again, and this time it was at Lex Duex with her sidekick, Katy Perry and Hayden Panettiere. Her driver speeds off and runs a red light. He gets pulled and gets ticket while Rihanna just sits and waits in the car. Look like old girl is trying to move on, Lets hope so. but she has still lost many from her fan base.


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Posted by thejamkingshow on March 17, 2009


First, let me pay Britney Spears a compliment on these bikini photos of her taken in Miami: She looks slightly above average – which is a giant step from the days when she was Bloating and swelling:

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