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HIV-positive pop star arrested over unprotected-sex charge

Posted by thejamkingshow on April 15, 2009

Mama always said what looks good (“Ain’t” good all the time boy!!) German pop group “No Angels” with Nadja Benaissa (L-R) Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Moelling and Jessica Wahls. Police have arrested Nadja Benaissa the 26-year-old singer in Germany’s most successful girl band, “No Angels”, on suspicion of infecting a man with the HIV virus by having unprotected sex, prosecutors said April 14, 2009. “There is an urgent suspicion that the accused had unprotected sexual intercourse with three people in the years 2004 and 2006 without indicating beforehand that she was HIV positive,” said the prosecutors. One of the three men is now HIV positive, possibly as a consequence of his sexual relations with Benaissa.

No Angels are Germany’s most successful girl band, with 5 million album sales in their first three years. The group was formed in 2000, when they won in the Popstars talent competition on German RTL television.

Benaissa was arrested Saturday night in a Frankfurt Disco, German daily Bild reported. The newspaper said the singer was about to give a solo appearance.

Benaissa was charged with dangerous bodily harm, and kept in custody as the investigating judge decided there was a risk she would repeat the alleged deed.

If found guilty, Benaissa could face six months to ten years in prison.

The singer has one daughter, born in 1999.

No Angels performed Germany’s entry to the 2008 Eurovision song contest, in which they came last. Benaissa’s lawyers said there was no evidence that their client had acted in a criminal way.

Ok so giving up the love knowing that you are infected is not a criminal act??! remind me never to go to gremany, dam the rain coat you will need some SCUBA GEAR!!

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