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Michelle Obama’s Prom Dress Was No Jason Wu

Posted by thejamkingshow on April 17, 2009

presfirstladyMichelle Obama is often regarded as the potential savior of American retail, thanks to her enormous popularity and selling power.
She singlehandedly made 26-year-old fashion designers Isabel Toledo and Jason Wu household names. The beaded J. Crew cardigan she wore during her trip to the UK a few weeks ago sold out almost instantly online. And the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded her for her “commitment to American fashion.”

But what did she wear to her prom?

InTouch Weekly printed Mrs. Obama’s prom photo,and it’s about what you’d expect from a Chicago teen in the early ’80s. Gold, slit up to there, with a heavily shoulder-padded jacket.

Apparently Mrs. Obama’s high school boyfriend still admires her. Now a sales representative, he told the magazine, “Michelle knew what she wanted. I didn’t take myself seriously.”

2 Responses to “Michelle Obama’s Prom Dress Was No Jason Wu”

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